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wireless Apple Magic Mouse

wireless Apple Magic Mouse


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    The Magic Charger from Mobee Technology is the world’s first inductive charger dedicated for the Apple Magic Mouse. It’s a magical solution to recharge your Magic Mouse that takes only 1 minute to setup. Never replace batteries again with Mobee’s magical wireless inductive charger–the sleek and unobtrusive design lets your mouse rest easy on a sleek charging station that plugs in to a USB port.
    A full charge takes approximately five hours and then lasts and lasts for worry-free pointing and clicking. Have to travel? No worries, because a full charge will last about six days. And if your trip is longer, the slim device is easily portable.
    From an aesthetic and design perspective, The Magic Charger will easily take a place on your desk and will definitely become the place where you leave your Magic Mouse when you leave your office.
    The Mobee Magic Charger
    Simply place your Magic Mouse on the base station to charge
    Wireless Charging Technology
    Charging your Magic Mouse will be as simple as placing your mouse on top of the base station.
    The Mobee Magic Charger
    A greener way to power your Magic Mouse
    Ultra Slim Design for Mobile Users
    The Mobee Magic Charger yields 6 days autonomy after a full recharge. If you travel for more than one week with your Magic Mouse then it’s no problem to carry along the compact and portable base station–it’s less than half an inch thick.
    A Greener Way to Use your Magic Mouse
    Stop trashing batteries, and stop disassembling your Magic Mouse to change your batteries. Let the Magic Charger manage everything and help protect the environment at the same time by creating less waste. Best of all, the Magic Charger is made of recyclable materials.
    A Cost Effective Solution for Home, Travel, and Office Use
    The Magic Charger is cost effective after one year of home usage and six months of office usage. You don’t have to be an IT Manager to appreciate the value. Use The Magic Charger for all your iMacs and MacBooks, whether at home, on the go, in offices, universities…
    USB Powered
    Plug the base station in to any USB port in order to begin the recharge. You don’t even need an external power supply.
    Simple Installation
    Installation only takes 1 minute. Simply open the Magic Mouse and remove the 2 AA batteries. Install the Mobee Battery Pack like you would a normal pair of batteries and clip it. Place the base station on your desktop and plug it through any USB port. Then place the Magic Mouse on top of the base station–it will start charging automatically. The Magic Mouse does not have to be on in order to charge the battery pack.
    Replaceable Battery Packs
    Mobee Technology Spare Battery Packs for Magic Charger are available. Ideal for homes or offices with multiple users of the Magic Mouse as you can share the base station. Additionally, always have a fully charged pack ready for when you travel. Like The Magic Charger itself, they’re made from recyclable materials, making them a green option for your traditional battery requirements. Eliminate the need to constantly replace batteries in your Magic Mouse by converting it to a rechargeable mouse.
    What’s in the Box
    Battery Pack, Charging Base Station, mini-USB cable.
    NOTE: Why the battery level displayed in OSX is only 70 to 80% after several hours on the Base Station: The Alkaline batteries originally delivered with the Magic Mouse are 1.5V per cell, meaning 3V for the 2 cells with the use of brand new batteries. The Magic Charger uses NiMH batteries that are 1.2V per cell. When fully charged that’s 2.4V which means that OSX will read 70 to 80% only.
    Technical Specifications
    Base Station Size: 4.64 in x 2.55 in x 0.35 in (118 mm x 65 mm x 9 mm)
    Base Station Weight: 1.94 oz / 55 g
    Replacement Battery Weight: 1.30 oz / 37 g
    Autonomy: 6 days
    Full Charge Time: 6 hours
    Power Consumption on USB: 270 mA Max.
    Battery Life: 500 Cycles
    Cable Length: 43.3 in / 110 cm
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