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VGA Splitter 4 Port VGA Video

VGA Splitter 4 Port VGA Video


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    This 4 Port VGA Video Splitter offers outstanding quality and distance, allowing you to deliver high resolution VGA video from a single video source
    to up to four monitors simultaneously.
    The PC VGA Splitter is very simple to install, allowing you to locate screens up to 100 FT (65M) away from the VGA video source, supporting a
    maximum VGA video bandwidth of up to 250MHz while delivering display resolutions up to 1920x 1440.
    Typical applications of this Clear VGA Splitter would include digital signage, retail and tradeshow environments, educational and government facilities,
    or corporate displays where high quality, multi-monitor VGA video is required.
    Max resolution up to 1920X1440
    Bandwidth: 250MHz
    Video In: HDDB 15 pin female
    Video Out: HDDB 15 pin female
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