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    POE separator PS5712 in accordance with the 802.3af IEEE standard, with 10/100Mbps transmission rate.
    – support IEEE 802.3af Ethernet standard
    – support 10/100M data transmission
    PD – the terminal supports 44V-57V wide voltage input, convenient for users to use 48V or POE DC power supply of telecommunication power supply equipment, non standard POE power supply, POE switch can be used.
    – provide 12V voltage to small network devices
    The protection, reduce the loss of effective protection equipment occurs! Do not have ground!
    High quality design, effectively ensure the stability of the equipment reliability
    POE protocol: to provide a signal to meet the 802.3AT IEEE after the detection of power supply, output 12V/2A foot power output
    POE power supply pin: compatible with 2 power supply modes, either 12+/36- or 45+/78- can be charged.
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