Electric Hotel Lock RFID Card

Electric Hotel Lock RFID Card


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    1. Project Card can be issued when install locks for first time, to let installer debug locks.

    Issue Project Card at [Admin Card] 〉〉 Click [Master Card] 〉〉press "F7" on keyboard, select "Project Card" 〉〉issue card 〉〉 finish

    2. After lock installation, issue related cards to program locks at [ Lock Configuration ]. Introduction of each card type:

    A: Authorization Card

    B: Guest Card (Key Card); select rooms and issue card at [Check-In]

    Program: Read Authorization card on lock, then read corresponding room guest card, each lock have to be processed like this to finish the programming.

    If there is a access control, the steps of programming:

    1) Read Authorization Card

    2) Read Room NO. Setting Card(Room Address Card)

    3) Read Authorization Card again

    4) Read Time Card

    Access Control Number Setting:

    A: Add a room in software, Room NO.=0 Floor number=0

    B: After setting, all key cards belongs to this hotel can open this access control.

    C: Room NO. Setting Card (Room Address Card), this card belongs to corresponding room, can not use for different room, or all room number will be confused. Please cancel it after lock programming.

    D: Authorization Card have the highest right, please keep it safety, or it may cause lock can not open normally because of lock data mixed.

    If lost this card, please issue a Loss Card, find out the card number and issue a loss card, read it on each lock to make the lost authorization card invalid.

    If lost a guest card, please just check-out the room, and issue a new guest card to open lock for once, so the lost guest card can not open lock anymore.

    E: If lost Admin Card, please press " F6 " and select " invalid before card " to issue a new Admin Card, then open each lock for once, after that, the lost Admin Card will be invalided, and lock will beep 12 time when read the lost card.

    Door Lock Beeps Explain:

    3 beeps: Back locked. Select unlock back lock to solve it when issue a card. Press " F5 " to display the function optional when issue a card.

    5 beeps: Blank card or invalid card, or the lock have not read successfully the Authorization Card when program lock.

    6 beeps:The time in Guest Card is not corresponding to the lock,