New Mission Academy- Best Basic Tuition In Kumasi

New Mission Academy- Best Basic Tuition In Kumasi
May 02 13:37 2018

Knowledge acquisition is very significant but however, the process of using them is deemed highly essential. We have to acquire knowledge and character, real training and dedication throughout. The aim of New Mission Academy is awesomely different. Our aim is to raise a new generation of entrepreneurs, corporate, visionary and influential leaders for the country. We aim to build leaders who are very trust-worthy, efficient, team players, dedicated and committed to their assigned roles and responsibilities and are willing to take up challenges that result positively in this dynamic business world.


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At New Mission Academy,  Pupils are trained to behave in an acceptable manner wherever they find themselves. Pupils are disciplined using various methods like being spoken to, writing lines and others. However, pupils are rewarded in kind when they do good deeds. Motivational words are spoken, gifts like books are awarded to perfectoral positions etc.


Students in our school are very disciplined and polite. The school is manged by Principal, Head and Assistant Head of the school, Accountant, Administrative assistant, cashier and Matron. Though, New Mission is managed by people who have being in the educational system within and outside of Ghana, ranging from ten [10] to twenty six [26] years. From this wealth of knowledge, one can agree that, New Mission’s vision to be one of the best in the world is practicable.


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