New Mission Academy-The Best School In Ashanti Region

New Mission Academy-The Best School In Ashanti Region
April 20 10:26 2018


New Mission Academy is an accredited school, serving a community of students from preschool to junior high school. We envision that all New Mission Academy students will become vibrant and passionate world changers: instilling in them personal integrity, and compassionate service.

NEW MISSION ACADEMY was formally opened to the public on 4th September, 2012 with one hundred and eighty (180) pupils. Our main purpose for establishing New Mission Academy is to guide our children to discover their true purpose in life and equip them to pursue it passionately. New Mission Academy, since the year 2012 has never stopped to achieve our Aim. In our quest to see our vision materialize, We have provided a perfect environment for learning. Our compound is sizeable, clean and filled with friendly and welcoming people.


Not only that, New Mission Academy also has beautiful reception, sizeable classrooms, well-stocked library with qualified librarian to operate it. We have an art studio, a technical laboratory, a science laboratory and ICT laboratory among other facilities.

New Mission Academy is the Best School in kumasi -Ashanti Region, Our pupils are divided into three categories;

The Best Pre school in Kumasi and Ashanti Region.  New Mission Academy has a Pre-School division which admits pupils between the ages of five (5) months to six (6) years. The Pre-School begins from Crèche to Kindergarten Two (2).


The Best Grade School In Kumasi and Ashanti Region. New Mission Academy has a Primary School division which admits pupils from Six (6) years old to about eleven (11) years old. This division has Grade 1-6.

The Best  Junior High School with most pupils being between the ages of eleven (11) and fifteen years. Admission is done for pupils who are enrolling in Junior High School 1 only. This is to enable teachers have at least two years of assisting pupil before he/she is presented as a candidate for the Basic Education Certificate Examination.


At New Mission Academy Our Hallmark is to provide our pupils with the best educational systems, all the attention they need to be develop  entrepreneurial mindset, to be corporate leaders with vision and very trustworthy and influential; dedicated and committed to their given roles.

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