Tips on How to Give Your Baby Absolute Care – King Jesus Kids Care

Tips on How to Give Your Baby Absolute Care – King Jesus Kids Care
August 17 14:26 2018

If you are a new mum you might have a few questions about how best you can give your children the best support and care as you nurture them to growth.

Here are some Tips we put together to help you make this wonderful season of your life a very memorable and successful one;








At three months, babies usually eat and eat and eat more, and during the first three months, babies like to nurse very often. The reason is that they grow so fast during this periods,and another that the breast is also a place for security and comfort, a way to fall asleep.

Get Help from a nurse on how to feed your baby the right way, this way you don’t get very sore at all. I know it’s not a guarantee, but if the baby does not suckle the right way, you can be sure to get problems, including cracked nipples, so get help in the beginning!









If your infant isn’t eating, he’s probably sleeping. Newborns need as much as 16 hours of sleep a day but only in short bursts. The result: You’ll feel on constant alert and more exhausted than you ever thought possible. The goal is your baby’s health and growth, you will get tired and but do your best to get your baby yo sleep.

Take shifts with Dad, one night it’s mom’s turn, the next is dad’s turn. Sleep when your baby sleeps.Take naps together and try to go to bed early.













Staying Sane:

No matter how excited you are to be a mommy, the constant care an infant demands can drain you. Find ways to take care of yourself by lowering your expectations and taking short breaks. Ignore unwanted or confusing advice, as a parent always do your best to decide what is best for your baby. Forget about housework for the first couple of months and concentrate on getting to know your baby.If anyone has anything to say about the dust piling up or the unwashed dishes, smile and hand them a duster or the dish detergent!” and always accept help from anyone who is nice enough to offer help.

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