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Why You Need Water Why You Need Water

The natural way to live is by acknowledging all natural minerals you need to get for your body. Water carries strong natural benefits for the system of your body. The following benefits will marvel you, as to why you need water everyday, all the time and  tomorrow. Read More

Ejura Abattoir Poses Health Risk Ejura Abattoir Poses Health Risk

Member of Parliament for Ejura Sekyeredumasi constituency, Mohammed Bawa Braimah, has described the town’s abattoir as a “bad and sad” situation which poses health risk to the residents. The abattoir has been in such a deplorable state for more than two years now and butchers continue to serve meat there to town folks. The sanitary condition there is questionable as butchers ignore basic health precautions. Read More

Revise Tarriff On Drugs- Ashanti Region Medical Superintendents Revise Tarriff On Drugs- Ashanti Region Medical Superintendents

Medical superintendents in government hospitals in the Ashanti Region have called on the government to revise the implementation date for charging new tariffs on drugs intended for health facilities since the new tariff, which was effected on July 1, 2018, is not helping the institutions. The Secretary of the Ashanti Regional Medical Superintendents, Dr Eric Kwame Detoh, who made the observation, explained that health institutions were currently using the stock of drugs acquired under the old tariff regime and that no health facility had taken delivery of the new stocks of drugs since the new tariffs were implemented. Read More

Nurses At Kuntenase Gov’t Hospital Accused Negligence Kills 2 Year Old Girl Nurses At Kuntenase Gov’t Hospital Accused Negligence Kills 2 Year Old Girl

A family is accusing nurses at the Kuntenase Government Hospital in Ashanti region of negligence after the death of their two-year-old daughter. Paulina Opoku was on admission at the hospital and in need of blood but several attempts by her father Joel Opoku Bediako to donate blood, however, failed because the lab was closed for service, according to the nurses on duty. Member of Parliament for Bantama, Daniel Okyem Aboagye intervened before finally the father’s blood was taken but the girl died moments after.

The MP who shared the chronology of events at the medical facility on Facebook said nurses must begin to take their jobs seriously. Below is what the MP wrote on his Facebook page

Another Nurses’ Negligence kills a 2-Year old girl at Kuntenase Govt. Hospital in Ashanti Region

Oh my God. What is going on? Another needless loss of life by nurses’ negligence at Kuntenase government hospital in Ashanti region today –

This is how it all happened. I received repeated calls from Joel Opoku Bediako – the father of late little girl Paulina Owusu – to intervene and help save his dying daughter from the nurses’ negligence and bad customer service. Joel, who resides in Adoato in Bantama Constituency received a call about his daughter’s admission at Kuntenase government hospital and the need to do an immediate blood transfusion to save his little Paulina’s life. He quickly rushed from Bantama to Kuntenase. Joel was asked to donate blood to save his little girl but when he got to the lab, the nurses told him the lab was closed and so he cannot be helped.

No bed syndrome has now moved to closed lab syndrome and no amount of pleading will receive the nurse’s empathy or sympathy to hear Joel out.

Joel was even rudely asked to take his daughter away if he couldn’t wait. After several unsuccessful attempts at getting the nurses on duty to help, Joel calls his Bantama MP (Daniel Okyem Aboagye) to intervene but the nurses won’t talk to me and I stood on the phone for several minutes waiting to see if anybody will speak to me but none did. The M.P narrated saying;

I quickly told Joel to hang up the phone to think about the next steps. I could hear him crying….please save my daughter, please save my daughter, please my daughter is dying. Joel quickly changed from the begging mode to the pushing mode but I had to get off the phone to think. I quickly recorded a message and sent it for him and the nurses whose negligence was killing the little 2-year-old Paulina to listen. I then called Joel to play my message to the nurses to help and as a result they called in a student lab technician to come and assist. They finally drew Joel’s blood for his daughter but when they got there it was too late – speaking from a layman’s point of view, little Paulina had died as a result of the nurses’ delays, negligence and refusal for the Bantama MP’s timely plea for help.

Listen to the helpless mother cry for her baby’s life. The mother’s cry will touch you as never before. Listen to the mother’s cry to understand how our nurse’s negligence continue to take life needlessly. We have now moved from no bed to neglecting a pregnant woman with 3-kids to die in eastern region to killing another pregnant woman for the alleged non-payment of Doctors’ motivation fees at Suntreso Hospital in Bantama to Killing of 2-year old Paulina for closed laboratory.

First ‘Men Clinic’ On Erectile Dysfunction Opened In Kumasi First ‘Men Clinic’ On Erectile Dysfunction Opened In Kumasi

The Ashanti Regional Hospital (Kumasi South Hospital) will from August 1, 2018, open Ghana’s first all men health unit to handle all kinds of Erectile Dysfunction. The facility named “Men’s Clinic” which would be operating on Wednesday afternoons at the Regional Hospital would be managed by specialists and has been set up to manage and treat all kinds and forms of erectile dysfunction. Read More

Time Responds Delicately To Our Health, How Time Responds Delicately To Our Health, How

Ghanaians have a good natural perspective that all fruits are good for the health. But the issue is, are they good to eat all the time? When must we eat them and why do we eat them afterall ? Most foods we eat in a day can indirectly cause as to fall sick with regards to how we keep our dieting time. The following fruits have scientifically tremendous benefits for our health as well as worst benefits for us depending on how we set up to eat them. Read More

Woman And Unborn Baby Die At Suntreso Hospital-Doctor Needed Motivational Fees First Woman And Unborn Baby Die At Suntreso Hospital-Doctor Needed Motivational Fees First

Suntreso Hospital has recorded the death of a man’s wife and unborn baby in Kumasi because he could not immediately pay a GHS500 ‘doctor motivation fee’. Pastor Agyemang, the widower  said he will sue the doctor and the hospital for medical negligence in causing the death of his family. President of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr Frank Ankobeah, has said the GMA will be assisting the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to investigate circumstances that led to the death of the 30-year-old pregnant woman, Angela Afriyie Agyemang, at the Suntreso Government hospital in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi, over her husband’s inability to have immediately paid a GHS500 ‘doctor motivation fee’. Read More

Tramadol Campaign Starts- Willing Ways Foundation Rehabilitation Center Tramadol Campaign Starts- Willing Ways Foundation Rehabilitation Center

Tramadol abuse has become widely outrageous with most people getting mentally affected with the drugs, domestic violence and threats are also abound to the society, Willing Ways Foundation and Rehabilitation Center, a Non-Governmental Organisation has began camping against tramadol abuse in the Ashanti’s regional capital Kumasi. The campaign began with a health walk from Adum pampaso through some principal streets of Kumasi and ended at Baba Yara sports stadium. Read More

Curable Diseases Killing Many Patients In Kumasi-KATH Doctor Curable Diseases Killing Many Patients In Kumasi-KATH Doctor

Dr. Nana Yaw Boakye, a medical doctor at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital has made an observation that many people in Kumasi are dying from diseases that could be treated. This has urged him to organise a health screening for the aged within the Asokwa Constituency in the Ashanti region. The Health screening exercise saw over three thousand people undergoing screening for malaria, diabetes and hypertension. Dr. Nana Yaw Boakye explained that he and his colleagues had budgeted for 3,000 people but were overwhelmed by the zeal and patronage expressed by the people. Read More

190-Bed Hospital Structure Perishing At Bekwai 190-Bed Hospital Structure Perishing At Bekwai

A 190-bed capacity structure for the Bekwai Municipal Hospital in the Ashanti region is rotting away as authorities have since 2013 abandoned it. No actionable effort has been made to complete the facility, started by the late Prof. Evans Atta Mills in 2010, despite several appeal by the chief and residents of Bekwai. The abandoned facility has a unique feature of producing oxygen internally for medical use. Read More

Hospital Projects To Be Starting Soon In Ashanti Region Hospital Projects To Be Starting Soon In Ashanti Region

Dr Nsiah has encouraged health workers to put up good attitude towards work and make sure they put not their patients’ life to risk. This statement was made as a result of the work on stalled hospital projects to be starting soon in Ashanti Region. He showed that the projects could not be completed on record time but contracts have now been renewed and the Ministry of Finance was ensuring that the contractors came to site to complete these projects sooner. The projects include a 120-bed capacity facility at Kumawu, another 120-bed project at Fomena, a 60-bed project at Konongo and same at Bekwai. Read More

Few National Ambulance Service Operates In Ashanti Region Few National Ambulance Service Operates In Ashanti Region

One of the refined Emergency Medicine Specialist at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Kumasi Dr. Maxwell Osei Ampofo said only three out of 17 National Ambulance Service stations in the Ashanti region are operational, a fear he believed the Emergency Health Service is on the verge of collapse in the Region as the majority of ambulances are grounded. Read More

Maintaining National Health Insurance- Regional Consultative Forum Held In Kumasi Maintaining National Health Insurance- Regional Consultative Forum Held In Kumasi

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Dr. Samuel Yaw Annor, has called for the need to increase the Scheme’s current financing model from US$ 30 to US$ 86 per person per year to have a basic healthcare system or to US$100 per person per year to have a premium healthcare system in Ghana. He also said the NHIA had proposed various financing models to government such as increasing the VAT component to 3.5 per cent, a health tax on cigarette to treat smokers, taxes on alcohol and sugar to cater for sugar diseases amongst others to shore up funds for the Scheme. Read More

4 Steps To Live Longer 4 Steps To Live Longer

Massive deterioration of health system has led to many deaths of our loved ones but the question is do they all die by accidents or misfortunes or health problems ? Our human system is very important and we must therefore ensure good health supervision in our bodies. Here are four main steps to help you stay healthy and live longer; Read More

Seek Medical Care, Pregnant Women Seek Medical Care, Pregnant Women

The managing director of VEDNAN MEDICAL and Natural health Center at Kenyasi in the Kwabre District of of Ashanti region, Mrs. Boadu Boateng Aning, has adviced pregnant women to attend regular antenatal clinic in order to detect any abnormality during the pregnancy. Read More

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