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A fitness tracker is the perfect way to monitor your activity and health effortlessly and with unmatched accuracy. Think of it as an electronic finger on the pulse, constantly measuring your vitals, quality of sleep and step count.

Today’s fitness band market is stuffed with fantastic devices, most of which can do a pretty good job at the basics of tracking. But frankly, we’re only interested in the best, and you should be too.

  • On a budget? Here are the best cheap fitness trackers in Ghana
  • Looking for a Quality and durable? Check out our best fitness ranking 2018 ranking
  • Want to take the plunge? Read the best waterproof fitness tracker guide
  • Plus here are some of the best fitness tracker tips to get you started

We will show you the best of the best activity trackers money can buy and show you how each ranks in terms of stand-out features, specs, price, design, the quality of the software you’ll be using on your phone and much more.

1. M2 Smart Bracelet

best fitness trackers in ghana












Fitness Tracker Sleep Tracker Heart Rate/Pulse Tracker Call Reminder . Compatible Operating System: Android iOS – Apple.

2. F1 Smart Band

F1 smart bracelet- ghkart












F1 Smart Bracelet Watch, Can Check your Heart Rate. It’s one of the best SmartBand Wireless Fitness and good for Android IOS Phone.

3.P1 Bluetooth Smart band Blood Pressure Monitor

P1 bluetooth smartband- ghkart












P1 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Wristband Bracelet blood pressure monitor Wearable SmartBand Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

For more fitness trackers and other fitness gadgets see for more at mind blowing prices.


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